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Name:Henriette Grimani
Birthdate:Jan 26
Location:Venice, Italy
My name is Henriette.

I was born in the slums of Venice, where the air penetrates your clothes and contaminates the skin with the stench of poverty, unescapable.

I lied and clawed my way out of there. And I am not going back.

(Fandom: BBC Casanova. Full name - Henriette Marianne Dalbotas. Eventual full name - Henriette Grimani.

Henriette is from the BBC 2005 version of Casanova, starring David Tennant and Laura Fraser as Henriette and is owned by BBC. This journal is for roleplay and fic writing only, and I make no profit, nor intend no infringement of copyright.

This journal or journals affiliated with it may contain LEGAL ADULT AND FICTIONAL SEXUAL or violent (less likely) material!!!

The mun's LJ is [info]kikibug13 To see what time it is for me, right now? Click here.)

My love... is Giacomo. Here he is, captured so well by [info]wiccagal_1996. He is a tease indeed. And so much more.

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